What is an Aspirant?

Someone who plans to succeed

We at Aspire strive to improve the creative industry through didactic leadership in Creative Professional Development.

Our Goal is to help you achieve your Goals. Whether that is to be Represented by a Gallery, Operate as a Commercial Artist, Win a Competition or build your Arts Profile.

The road to your Goals are long and hard. But by being an Aspirant we help you achieve your Goals through simple ongoing Development, Direction and Advice.

We want you to aspire to achieve the Goals you set and push you down the road you want to go down. Aspirant Membership is not a cookie cutter program, it is belonging to a group that aspire high and achieve great results.


Why should I become a Member?

What are the benefits of being an Aspirant?

Membership Benefits

There are a range of benefits of becoming an Aspirant, such as:-

Discounts in Aspire Competitions and Group Shows
First and Exclusive Invites to Meetups and Events
10% Discount on any Creative Development Workshop
1 Hour/Year of Creative Business Development Consulting
Artist Membership Status and Access to Development Articles
Michael Cawdrey
Aspirant Membership
  • Discounts in Aspire Competitions & Group Shows
  • Exclusive First Invites to Events
  • 10% Discount on any Creative Development Workshop
  • 1 Hour / Year of Creative Business Development Consulting
  • Artist Membership Status & Access to Weekly Development Articles
  • Digital Membership Status
  • More...

About Aspire

Aspire Gallery builds and develops emerging and semi-professional artists into full-time professional artists.

We aim to draw attention to collectible, unattainable art just before it booms.



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