Wednesday 2 December - Saturday 19 December 2015


An artistic cure for Wendy Rix

Artistic storytelling helped Wendy Rix reclaim her life.

“The years of hard work as a single mum took their toll and I succumbed to illness. I realised that I needed make the most of my life, so I sold my family home and bought a caravan to travel the land and pursue a career in art.”

Wendy from the Yuwaalaraay people had worked as a nurse and as a Nursing Officer in the Australian Army before a car accident fractured her back and cut those careers short. When her children turned nine and ten she became a single mum and had to take on a variety of jobs to support them. She owned a lawn mowing business then worked in a boutique dress shop before returning to university and restudying nursing.

“All this time I was still painting. I would work eight hour straight shifts as a nurse then paint until I had to return to work, while still being a full time single mum.” Wendy said.

Contemporary indigenous Australian art despite significant change and diversity, retains an underlying unity of inspiration, that of the land the peoples’ relationships with it. It is simultaneously connected to the past and engaged with the present. 

“Although indigenous in origin, my art is not traditional dreamtime stories. Instead my art is experimental and more contemporary stories about ideas, feelings and circumstance.” Wendy said.

“For example, a lot of my art conveys hope because sometimes life is not how you imagine it but you have to gather yourself up and get on with it anyway. There is always a plan B or C. As cliché as it sounds you only live once and you have to make the most of it.” she said.

“This exhibition is eclectic and does not fit into the "aboriginal art" box all the time but I think it does bring indigenous art to people who would not normally be attracted to its style, while still holding the underlying unity  of indigenous art”

Wendy Rix ‘Connecting’ Exhibition from the 2nd to the 19th of December at Aspire Gallery, Paddington. Julie Baker, The Snake Sheila, will be opening Wendy’s exhibition on the 12th of December 4:30 to 6:30pm.


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