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Wednesday 25 October - Saturday 4 November

2017 Tour  |  #CRG_DLTN

#CRG’s art exhibition turns the workhorses of the construction industry, Cranes, into real pieces of art. 

#CRG_DLTN or Craig Dalton, to his family, is a self-styled Post-postmodern artist or an urban pop postmodern artist out of Brisbane who captures the construction industry and in particular the creations built by Cranes.

Apart from the unique subject matter, #CRG truly sets himself apart through how his art is created.

“I created a 1-ov-A-Kind art style and technique to showcase thee Cranes oV Brisbane” #CRG said.

“I use a wide range of digital technologies from the humble camera to apps and digital manipulation software to create a unique style which pops and places emphasis on the wonders of construction.”

#CRG’s art is then vinyl wrapped and applied to a noticeable yellow construction sign. The type of sign you would typically find warning you that construction was ahead.

The result is an explosive and truly unique piece of art that turns the otherwise not pretty construction industry into art.

#CRG’s exhibition, “2017 Tour” runs from the 25 October to 4 November at Aspire Gallery in Paddington and is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday 10:30am to 4:30pm.


Opening Night: Friday 27 October, 6:00pm - 8:00pm.

 Cranes & Lifting - November / December 2017




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