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Wednesday 28 February - Saturday 10 March

Hidden Imaginarium

An Exhibition by Chantel Schott and Corrina McLaughlin

Chantel Schott and Corrina McLaughlin have joined forces to showcase a fusion between our waking life and the subconscious mind in their exhibition, Hidden Imaginarium from 28 February at Aspire Gallery.

South East Queensland artist Chantel Schott and Northern Rivers region of NSW artist Corrina McLaughlin explore the concept of how the subconscious mind interconnects with a person’s inner self and their reality. Chantel’s work uses the automatism technique, prompting a spontaneous act crossed with a conscious and intentional result as a means to express the subconscious on paper, whereas Corrina’s work has an intentional viewpoint to depict the relationship between spirituality and finding the truth in her art expression.

The official exhibition opening is Saturday 3 March from 4-6pm at Aspire Gallery, 53 Kennedy Terrace, Paddington Qld 4064, refreshments will be served and all are welcome to attend.

The exhibition will run from 28 February - 10 March, opening hours Wednesday - Saturday 10:30AM - 4:30PM.

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