Little Bang Theory

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Bang your victim around the head again and again with the same, safe, little messages and they will become dogma – incontrovertible truths that control the way your slaves live their lives. That’s what the Government does. That’s what the Establishment does. That’s what Big Business does. That’s what the Art World does.

Culture is mass hallucination, a placebo developed by the great and the good and administered anally to the great unwashed. There are no truths to be found in its victimless crime against humanity, only the multiple surfaces of meaningless connections that compute but never add up.

Thcat sees through our technology-mediated self-preoccupation and peels away the screen-thin veneer of acceptability to reveal the void that lies beneath our superficial slogans and objects of false devotion. We are all narcissists - you, your nemesis, your reflection in the pool-like surface of the latest handheld device.

Here’s a theory for you - When everyone’s opinion matters as much as the next man’s, you have achieved a state of perpetual inertia. The only way to regain momentum is to tear up the cloak of online community and connectedness in which we wrap ourselves 24/7 and reclaim the right to be wrong. To hate. To despise. To destroy.

Thcat practises the aesthetics of nihilism. Thcat shits on ‘art wank’.
Thcat shits out its own truth. One unsafe little message at a time.

Thcat doesn’t care what you think.
Thcat has spoken.
June, 2017.


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