'An Antiquated Notion'

'An Antiquated Notion'

An Antiquated Notion is an inquisitive group exhibition exploring the concept vintage. The exhibition investigates the relationships the artists have with times and places from the past, deciphering through their personal discoveries including how to make something old new again and toying around with the question “is vintage an antiquated notion?”

It comprises a number of sculptural and theme-specific photographs as well as small and large scale meticulous drawings and linocut prints, not to mention expressive paintings on both canvas and timber panels, showcasing an all-embracing exhibition to energize and awaken those notions.

Opening Night
Join the Artists for canapes and drinks on Saturday 24th September, 4:30pm - 6:30pm.

Market Day
Join us on Saturday 8 October, 1-4pm, for the 'An Antiquated Notion' market day!
Pick up smaller art items from each of the artists, watch a live demonstration or even join in for an hour and a half workshop by Hayley Groves George! 

Red Fox Workshop by Hayley Groves George
Hayley from Hay Art in Maryborough/Hervey Bay will be running an one and a half hour "Red Fox" mix media workshop using paint, ink & paper, on timber.
The price of the workshop is only $65 and includse all materials!
To book your spot now, contact us today on 3368 1514.


Chantel Schott - www.chantelschott.wordpress.com
Corrina McLaughlin - www.corrinamclaughlinart.weebly.com
Hayley Groves George - www.hayartbyhayley.com
OmiLee - www.omilee.com
Rochelle Blakelock
Susie Lewis - www.artistsafloat.org/artists/susie-lewis


14 January 2017



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