'The Path I've Chosen'

'The Path I've Chosen'

This August, Aspire Gallery will be hosting Jennifer Seale's solo exhibition, 'The Path I've Chosen'.


This exhibition showcases the latest path of Jennifer's life - one away from the life of architect and the drawing board and towards the life of an artist with a paintbrush.

Whilst her skill and love of design elements developed in her long career as a landscape architect have laid the foundation for her works, it is Jennifer's old (but newly focused) passion for painting what she designed - landscapes, buildings, and gardens - that have transformed these pieces into what you will see on show.


14 January 2017



About Aspire

Aspire Gallery builds and develops emerging and semi-professional artists into full-time professional artists.

We aim to draw attention to collectible, unattainable art just before it booms.



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