Holly J. Squire in her postmodern medieval exhibition, MythConceptions, visually takes a closer look at the undertones and symbolism of Arthurian Legend.

MythConceptions is an attempt to create an “otherworld” that is a blurring of story and history, which combines realism and symbolism.

“I’m trying to create a reality in my paintings that isn’t quite reality. A time that never was, but is at the same time feels like it should be or could be history. For this I draw a lot from mythology, which I research several versions of, and combine symbols from several historical incarnations. I use the symbolism of animals to represent characters, but also to represent undertones within the stories.” Holly said.

“Our mythology is a metaphorical view of our history; unlike fairy stories or modern movie plots mythology interprets human nature.” Holly said.

“Characters tend to not be wholly one thing or another, all of them are flawed, and they make the wrong decisions for the right reasons, or become twisted into villains because of choices that they never got to make, much like in reality.”

Holly’s art is a postmodern combination of historic and medieval art styles like multipoint perspective, symbolism and pre-Raphaelite art, with modern painting materials like metallic, iridescent medium and bright, flat acrylics.

MythConceptions is open to the public from 6 – 23 July at Aspire Gallery in Paddington.


14 January 2017



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