Love Life and Death in the Lucky Country

Love Life and Death in the Lucky Country

Wednesday 2 December - Saturday 19 December 2015

Love Life and Death in The Lucky Country

A group exhibition 

'Love, Life and Death in The Lucky Country'  is collaborative art exhibition by established and emerging Australian artists to celebrate the complexities of Life in The Lucky Country. Their artistic expression is broad - printmaking, drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture, handcrafted knives, bespoke jewelry and textiles – which we love at Aspire Gallery because it means there is something of interest for everyone. The crux, however, is an unflinching portrait of aspects of Australian history combined with a more light-hearted reflection of their lives in this beautiful country.


The six main artists on show include: David Jones, Jacob Grace, Kirsten Horner, Thomas Grace, Karl Muller and Oluwatosin Ajayi.


15 January 2017



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