My Country

My Country

An Exhibition by Max Butler

After taking home an art prize from Aspire Gallery, Max Butler was asked to prepare for a solo show in 2017.

This November, 'My Country' is that solo show which is proudly hosted by Aspire Gallery.

In 2007, Max and his wife purchased a mobile home, which he called Morrison, to head off and explore his beautiful country. Whilst most of his paintings are a true representation of what really exists, this is not always so. For this reason, he has titled his works 'My Country' and numbered them in order of execution.

Max is unapoloegtic for the novel vivid vibrancy of his work.

“I try to bring these forgotten colours from the Australian Landscape, which are often incorrectly portrayed as monotonous and dull, to the forefront in my work” Max said.

“Ideally, I want my work to remind you of the places you have been, or perhaps encourage you to find after seeing my Exhibition.”

“Australia, visually, is such an amazing and vivid country and it’s a real shame that we cannot always see its colours.”

Max’s Exhibition, “My Country” runs from the 22 November to 2 December at Aspire Gallery in Paddington and is open to the public Wednesday to Saturday 10:30am to 4:30pm.


18 November 2017



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