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Wednesday 4 October - Saturday 21 October

All About Colour

A Group Exhibition

For the month of October, Aspire Gallery is proud to be hosting - 'All About Colour'.
As the name suggests, visitors can expect to the bright, the vibrant and definitely the colourful.

Earlier this year, we posed some questions to our artists in 'Black & White' - does colour define who you are? Is colour a defining feature of your brand? Can you express what you want without it?

These questions got our artists thinking about who they are, what defines their work and what they are known for.
But in 'All About Colour', we reversed the tables to see what colour truly meant to these artists on show and what they could do with it.

Below are the artists on show; however, we know this one is worth visiting in person: -

  • Untitled
  • Author: Alice Gittins
  • Blue Girls 1 & 2 (Diptych)
  • Author: Anne Collins
  • Colour The Blue Song
  • Author: Anne Collins
  • I fled to the edge beyond the dark cold seas, and found you there amongst a garden that it seems?
  • Author: Ash McFarlane
  • Pops of Gold
  • Author: Catherine Carolan
  • Green Thumb
  • Author: Cathy Gilday
  • Little Fighter
  • Author: Cath Gilday
  • Fallen Bird
  • Author: Cecilia Hine
  • True Colours
  • Author: Cecilia Hine
  • Hibustic Wall
  • Author: Deb Chilton
  • Purple Delight
  • Author: Deb Chilton
  • Still Life with Falling Orange
  • Author: Dennis Arnold
  • Squaring the Trapezoid
  • Author: Dennis Arnold
  • Where the Wildflowers Grow
  • Author: Di Cox
  • Hot Rocks
  • Author: Diane McDonald
  • Autumn
  • Author: Eva Dowling
  • Elephant Eye
  • Author: Eva Dowling
  • Reflections (City)
  • Author: Eva Dowling
  • Crimson Lake Cedar Creek
  • Author: Gabi Mika-McNaughton
  • Proteas II
  • Author: Gillian Smith
  • Citrus Splash
  • Author: Jacki Archibald
  • My Heart Is Wild, My Soul Is Free
  • Author: Jasmine Hambling
  • Nature Always Wears The Colours Of The Spirit
  • Author: Jasmine Hambling
  • The Farewell Flowers
  • Author: Jennifer Bell
  • Woman with Beads
  • Author: Jennifer Bell
  • All sorts of Colour in MY World
  • Author: Julie Taschke
  • Courage
  • Author: Kendall Page
  • Macaw
  • Author: Kim Schubel
  • Glory
  • Author: Olivia Alexander
  • Vibrant and Vulnerable
  • Author: Rose Van Oyen
  • Concealment
  • Author: Ruby Purple
  • So off she went
  • Author: Sally Mcfarlane
  • Le Jardin
  • Author: Sherry McFarlane
  • A Different View
  • Author: Sue Hill
  • Algorithms
  • Author: Sue Hill
  • Melange d’ Couleur
  • Author: Sue Hill
  • Psychedelic Kangas
  • Author: Susan Turner
  • Lullaby for City
  • Author: Svetlana Prokhorova
  • Kaftan Colours I
  • Author: Theresa Rule
  • Kaftan Colours II
  • Author: Theresa Rule
  • Summer Loving
  • Author: Theresa Rule
  • Freedom
  • Author: Valerie Eugarde
  • The Impossible Dream
  • Author: Valerie Eugarde
  • A corner of my garden #2
  • Author: Wilna ten Cate


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