By Michelle Gray & Raelene Bock

Exhibition Dates: 14 May – 5 June 2021

AS1 is the culmination of two unexpected mediums – recycled metal and glass.  Drawing our inspiration from the beauty of nature, together we challenge both ourselves and our materials by merging and melding these robust and difficult constituents to create everlasting soft gentle forms that we hope the viewer sees as beauty.

Glass and metal are both created from natural elements and are both forged in fire, in very different ways.  They can be presented in numerous forms, and can be both tough and yet delicate all in one.  We love that there are so many surprising facets to the joining of our two mediums and artistic techniques.  We also love the many iterations that our ideas pass through during our artistic process of convergence – we begin with two concepts, two mediums, two thought processes and two personalities, and merge into one artistic outcome.

We hope the fun of our journey together presents an enjoyable journey for the viewer.

RSVP Bookings for Opening Night: Saturday 15 May, 4:30 – 6:30pm

Additional Guests (If Applicable)