A Solo Exhibition

Andrea is a visual story teller who combines a unique technique with story driven content. She creates iconic works which encourages discussion and get us to think about the content. In her paintings the viewer discovers multiple perspectives and interpretations of a theme. Her paintings are prompting the viewer to have an inner dialogue with themselves through the artwork.

Andrea’s art depicts diverse themes such as fauna and flora, fashion and luxury items, food and drink. The common thread between these themes is that they have diverse meanings or symbolic values and different people have different relationships to these themes.

The 2000 year old encaustic medium is her chosen paint medium because she likes to challenge the preconceived views of this ancient technique and use it in a contemporary way. She does this by combining this ancient technique with contemporary techniques such as pen drawings, gilding and oil paints.

“This is an opportunity for the viewer to self-reflect and contemplate their own relationship with the theme. The viewer can then compare it with the perspective other people might have.  My aim is to grow mutual understanding for each other and respect for different perspectives and opinions. This is what tolerance and diversity means for me.” Andrea said

About the Artist:
Andrea Moser is a visual story teller who uses the power of the visual image to ignite imaginations, evoke emotions and capture universal cultural truths and aspirations. Andrea grew up in Europe and moved as an adult to Australia. The experience of two cultures made her realise that perspectives and meanings have evolved over time based on our cultural background, experiences, beliefs and values. She is intrigued by these differences and uses it for inspiration in her art.   

Catalogue of Works

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