Acrylic Artist & Illustrator

Catherine is a Brisbane based artist and Illustrator. Catherine works mostly with acrylics and loves to get lost within the details of the painting. Bright colours, texture and pattern reflect the emotional and meditative qualities of her work.

Growing up beside the beach, the marine world with its bright corals, shells, plants and fish was an endless source of inspiration. While working and studying Illustration in London, Catherine became interested in the art and mythology of the ancient world, particularly in their use of pattern, repeating motifs and mythological symbols.

Another endless source of inspiration for Catherine is the raw beauty of nature. By painting the recurring patterns, lines, colours and shapes she sees in vegetation, water, earth and sky, Catherine finds she can slow down, relax and reconnect with nature. She often looks for beauty in unexpected places and finds herself getting immersed in the details.

Catherine hopes that although her unconscious mind tries to tame nature and make order out of the chaos, she hopes the viewer can still experience an emotional connection to the finished piece of work.

Bachelor of Illustration (Honours), University of Westminster, London UK

Children's Book Illustrator, "Dragons in the Wind", Koala Books 2008

Finalist, Rotary Art Prize Spectacular, Brisbane 2018
Finalist, Rotary Art Prize Spectacular, Brisbane 2017
Online Finalist, Lethbridge 10000, Brisbane 2017
Online Finalist, Lethbridge 10000, Brisbane 2016
Online Finalist, Lethbridge 10000, Brisbane 2015
Commended, Portrait Prize, Artworld Studio Gallery 2016

Regeneration, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2018
Foot Square, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2018
Expressions Exhibition, Sandgate 2018
Rotary Art Prize Spectacular, Brisbane 2018
Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2018
Foot Square, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2017
Rotary Art Prize Spectacular, Brisbane 2017
Expressions Exhibition, Sandgate 2017
Bluewater Arts Festival, Shorncliffe 2017
Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2017
Various Group Exhibitions, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2016-2018
Showcase, Bramble Cafe, Sandgate 2016-2017
Foot Square, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2016
Expressions Exhibition, Sandgate 2016
Bluewater Arts Festival, Shorncliffe 2016
Petite Pieces, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane 2016
Showcase, Site Cafe, Banyo 2016
Expressions Exhibition, Sandgate 2015
Artrageous Arts, Deagon 2013

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