A Metamodern Crane Artist

#CRG_DLTN, or Craig Dalton to his family, is a self-styled post-postmodern urban pop out of Brisbane who captures the construction industry and, in particular, the creations built by Cranes.

#CRG’s fascination with capturing cranes started in 2000 as he was leaving Brisbane City. He turned and saw Brisbane being built. Not by companies or people but by these man-made metallic contraptions – cranes. #CRG  took out his camera and captured an iconic shot of Brisbane before converting the work into pop art.

Apart from the unique subject matter, #CRG truly sets himself apart through how his art is created - a creative process that uses a range of technologies from archaic paint through to digital manipulation. #CRG's art is vinyl wrapped and applied to a common yellow construction sign, the type of sign you would typically find warning you that construction was ahead.

#CRG’s art is not for the now. It’s for the future and not because the cranes are building the future.The unique style and content is designed for the future using bold and futuristic colours for when society look back and marvel at the architecture and constructions.


At its most basic, Metamodernism is situated somewhere between modernism and postmodernism, between modern enthusiasm and postmodern irony. Visually, this translates as #CRG’s art bubbles with enthusiasm with its vibrancy and sharp lines but its content is arguably mundane and common – not something you would traditionally be enthusiastic about.


Accompanying #CRG’s work is a unique language that plays on how language is always evolving. Although not necessarily (hopefully) the language of the future, #CRG’s phrasing emphasises the majesty and elegance of cranes.


‘At the start ov thee new millennium, as thee Meta-Modern era began.

Walking Home.  Leaving thee city, heading west . . . . . .  Camera in Hand.

I stop, I turn. I look back to thee city I have just left . . .  Straight away I see it . . . . thee Creature.

I take aim, and … Shoot.  BOOM !!!

–  thee birth ov Cranespotting’

Musician, DJ & Producer


thee Cranes ov Brisbane 2013 Daily TOUR, 2013
thee Cranes ov Brisbane 2014 InDepth TOUR, 2014
thee Cranes ov Brisbane - 2015 Tour ov 'the Valley', 2015
thee Cranes ov Brisbane 2016 Live 'here & now' TOUR, 2016
thee Cranes ov Brisbane 2017 Western TOUR, 2017
thee Cranes ov Brisbane Monochrome TOUR, 2018

'Landscapes, Seascapes & Streetscapes', Aspire Gallery, 2018
'SNAP18: Photography Exhibition', Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2018
'Petite Pieces', Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2018
'Industrial & Urban Art', Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2017
'Foot Square, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2016
'MAGE', Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2015
'Petite Pieces', Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2015
'Edgy Art & Design Exhibition', Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2015
'Foot Square', Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2015
'Petite Pieces', Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2015

The 2017 Tour, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2017
Cranes oV thee World Showcase, Aspire Gallery, Brisbane, 2018

Available Works

Digital photographic imagery manipulated with a contrasting ‘pop’ on a metallic boxed edge frame or flat metal. 

Below is a range of work from #CRG’s ‘Cranes oV thee World’ Showcase at Aspire GAllery (15 – 25 August 2018). 

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