1.Entry by the Exhibitor into the Exhibition is deemed as Acceptance of the Group & Competition Terms & Conditions available at and these Conditions of Entry between the Exhibitor (“Artist”) and Aspire Gallery (“Aspire”).
Definitions and interpretations can be found on the Group & Competition Terms & Conditions.
2.Entries by the Artist must include the artists contact details, artwork details, and a JPEG image of the work. JPEG images should be no larger than 1000 x 1000px.
3.Artwork must be the original work of the Artist
4.Entries must be submitted via:-
Online form; or
Offline form (provided via request only)
 by midnight of the Entry Deadline, stipulated by the Information Pack of the given year.
5.The competition is open to all forms of 2D and 3D artwork including, but not limited to, acrylics, oils, watercolour, sculptural, glass, textile, wood and metal.
6.The size of two dimensional Entries must not exceed 50 cm by 50 cm. The size of three dimensional Entries must not exceed 50 cm x 50 cm x 50cm.
The size of Entries do not include framing but framing deemed as excessive (over 5 cm) will not be hung.
7.Entries will not be considered until the non-refundable entry fee has been received. A receipt is available upon request.
8.All Entries sold during the competition will incur a 30% commission in the event of the work being sold.
Payment of sold work will be processed by the Payment Date.
9.There are two rounds of judging:-
The first round is a pre-selection round where Entries will be selected as either a Online Finalist or Gallery Finalist.The second round is the finalist round where the First Prize winner will be determined.
10.Artists will be notified of their status as a Online Finalist or Gallery Finalist through a Formal Acceptance Email by the Acceptance Date stipulated in the Information Pack for the given year.
All unsuccessful Artists will also be notified by the date above.
11.The Finalist Entries will be judged by a panel of judges. Judging criteria is based on technical skills, originality, commerciality and creativity. Aspire respects the privacy of judges and will not divulge contact information.
12.All judgements are final and not open to negotiation.
13.The First Prize winner and any subsequent prizes will be announced at the Award Night.
14.Artists permanently represented by Aspire are not eligible for the First Prize.
15.All Gallery Finalists will be eligible for the Voters’ Choice Prize.
This prize is determined by votes placed by the public.Voting is open for the duration of the exhibition with the winner announced at the closure of the exhibition.
16.All Gallery Finalist Entries must be delivered to Aspire Gallery, 53 Kennedy Terrace, Paddington, Queensland during the Delivery Times stipulated in the Information Pack for the given year.
 Finalist work not delivered by the Delivery Time, unless discussed prior with Aspire, will not be included in the exhibition.
17.At the conclusion of the Exhibition all unsold work must be collected from Aspire Gallery, 53 Kennedy Terrace, Paddington, Queensland during the Collection Times stipulated in the Information Pack for the given year, unless discussed prior with Aspire.
18.Finalist work not collected by the Collection Times will be held for one month, unless discussed prior with Aspire, before the property will vest to Aspire and may be sold or disposed at its discretion.
19.Reasonable care will be taken by Aspire in handling, hosting and hanging the artwork, however, neither the gallery, staff or hanging staff are responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused to any of the work whilst in the possession of Aspire.
 It is the responsible of the Artist to maintain suitable insurance to, from and during the exhibition.