An Inward Exploration of Transformation

New Media Imagery is a recent term coined to define artworks created using new media technology - such as digital art. My interest in the digital medium grew from the purchase of 'Corel Paint', originally to assist in improving my painted works. Today, my work typically consists of between two and five layers of altered photographs on a background which may be collages, painted works, or photography. From there I will add silhouettes and shadows to create the desired affect. Each work is only printed once (otherwise known as a First Generation Print) which is the equivalent of an original painting.

Social and environmental issues are often the main themes that inspire my works; however, I often use titles which provoke thought and conversations. Throughout my work, I aim to showcase that life has countless shades of meaning and truth, that individual perceptions of the same object or art work can vary with mood, context and background experiences. By transforming the original images I use to a point where they lose their context and identity, I hope to give them a new context and meaning within the shades of colour and form. Ultimately, providing an inward exploration of transformation.

Professional Artist Finalist, Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize | 2021
Highly Commended, Abstract Prize, Art West | 2021
Online Finalist, Lethbridge 20000 Competition | 2020
Ravenswood Australian Women's Art Prize | 2021
Aspects Art Show, Goondiwindi | 2021
Gallery Finalist, 'Petite Pieces' Competition | 2021
Lethbridge 20000 Competition | 2020
Gallery Finalist, 'Petite Pieces' Competition | 2020
Brookfield Art Show, Brisbane | 2019
Aspects Art Show, Goondiwindi | 2019
Regular Exhibitor, Aspire Gallery | 2018 - Current
Regular Exhibitor, Art West Community Gallery | 2017 - Current
Solo Exhibition, The Friary, Brookfield | 2016
Curator of Exhibitions, Art West Community Gallery | 2017 - 2019
Digital Frottage Workshop by Nicole Voedon-Cash | 2020
Subscription: "Artist Profile" | 2014 - Current
Regular Brizart Classes | Ongoing
10+ years of general art tuition

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